Monday, March 07, 2005

Random Musing #190,639,023

What if beavers could fly?

If beavers could fly would they still only eat wood, twigs, and branches? Maybe they would become predators. They would hunt in packs. What would you call a pack of beavers? Let's look at what we call other groupings of animals:

Crows= Murder
Owls = parliament
Cows = Herd
Ducks = Flock
Beavers = ?????

Let's see... A dork of beavers...NO, perhaps a blaze of beavers...NO...I know, a Frenzy of Beavers!!!

That would seem appropriate for the deadly Flying Beavers! The fenzies of beavers would fly over civilization, hunting...hunting...hmmm. What would beavers hunt? Well not humans, that would be to simple. What about cats! Beavers hunting cute little pussycats! Oh the Humanity!!

Feline friends threatened by the fenzies of flying beavers. Feral cat corpses littering the parks and ponds of the world. Little old cat ladies hoarding even more puff balled poop factories than before. Back yards covered on all four sides AND the top with chainlink fence to keep little Muffins from becoming a beaver fur burger!

Just imagine if beavers could fly.