Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Reality check

To all those out there listening....


Life is too short (cliche no 1) to not be happy. Unfortunately you have to work a bit to be happy.

STEP 1: Get rid of your debt. Most people do not need to buy things to be TRULY HAPPY. Buying things only give you the Illusion of Happy.

STEP 2: Only do things you like. If you hate your job quit and get one you like even if it is a drastic pay cut. Trust me it is worth it!

STEP 3: Be responsible. Do not make any choices in your life that will potentially limit your happiness unless you are FULLY prepared for the consequences. Houses, kids, cars, etc all have demands that they can hold over your head and will steal money from you so they can survive.

STEP 4: Only share your life with others that share and practice your beliefs. The last thing you need is to stress yourself out trying to put up with other peoples pointless BS. Show them this list and tell them to call you when they get their s#%$ together.

STEP 5: LOVE! Be loving in your life. THIS DOES NOT EQUATE TO BEING A SLUT!! Simply put, Be Nice. Act nice to others, be polite, smile, help those that TRULY need help, etc. This applies to yourself as well.

This is a tentative listing and please feel free to comment.

No I am not a hippy or a religious nut job. This has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. What I am attempting here is to set myself back on a path in life I can actually be comfortable and happy with. Why should any of us work our asses off day in and day out just to make a buck for some smuck just to take our paychecks and give his smuck buddies a buck by buying their useless pop culture junk. We work too hard for too little. Too many of us are sad, depressed, lonely, bored, or just plain sick of living like a robot with a need to BUY BUY BUY!

I for one have a need to acquire and am taking steps to stop that addiction.

Ok enough of that. Have a good day and take care of yourself.