Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 Summer's last day, or there abouts.

Pretty sure this is Viola's 3rd shot at a "90th annual Horse & Colt Show" (1st one was scuttled by a 500 year flood, and the 2nd was victim of the China-Virus/2020 pandemic).

Lots of progress on the house and yard.  Perhaps a 'Best of' video or slideshow is appropriate.

Wondering how long Facebook will be something those over 40 or under 30 still use.

Trying out Tylenol to see if can help with the day to day aches and pains.  I HATE DRUGS and avoid them like the plague.  Not certain my body and mind are going to put up with that train of thought for much longer.

Remembered today how good a lawn can feel under your feet, especially when its just due for a cutting; does anyone else keep their at 3" or higher or is that just me? (and my neighbors who both seem to be more concerned that the seams between our lawns are even than to stick to any particular height they have chosen on their own #trendsetter LOL

Thinking about starting a FB page with all the privacy setting at "Only Me" and then give out invites to everyone.

Do turtles look at humans in awe or in sadness when they see us without shells surrounding our torso and abdomen?

So many animals in our yard this year!
- Gray Tree frog (x2 even as I saw them both on the side deck at the same time while washing out some storage tubs last month.)

- Dragonfly who was in our yard buzzing around for a few weeks at least.

- Black Mud Daubers

- Bumble Bees

- Honey Bees

- Yellow Jackets

- About 5 other "wasp/bee" species I didn't bother to ID

- Rabbits

- Squirrels, they're living in at least one if not two of our trees; as many walnuts as they've buried we ought to have a tree by this time next year.

- Hawk which killed and ate one of the baby rabbits in our back alley behind our neighbors house/his driveway technically as the alley ends at our property line and the rest is his driveway.

- Lady Bugs. Not the Chinesium knock off ones that smell to high heaven when they get crushed, but the honest to goodness cute as a button garden carnivores we grew up with back in the day.

- Moths galore with our cats love to play with on the back deck at night.

- Monarch Butterflies

- Swallowtails both a yellow and a blue

- Earth worms everywhere.

I can see why people go to the trouble they do to get a garden in and plant perennials. Hopefully with the permaculture and other modest upfront investment/low to no upkeep steps I've been using over the last 10 years, we can keep up a good looking yard for a few more decades.

Well, better check on Julie.  She's enjoying the freshly cleaned upstairs bathroom as I type.  Take care and God bless.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

 Realizing you have a 15 year old blog that has less content than a baby's Instagram feed before they're even a day old reminds me of finding an old toy in a box; you pull the toy out, remember your dreams, have feeling about restarting/failing/etc.

What to do.

Definitely have enough time on my hands now.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Baby Shart Baby Shark Parody by TheOriginalFreak and OriginalFreakLabs

Could this become the world's next favorite brain worm?
You be the judge..Mew Haha, Mew Haahaaaaa!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2020

1,000,000 sq miles - USA map

This is what 1,000,000 square miles looks like.

Why 1,000,000 sq miles?
That is roughly the total amount of Federally protected wilderness in the United States.  It is upon this land and adjacent seldom used land that those studying primates say is the best location for Bigfoot to exist.  Granted, the actual lands in question are scattered, and many are in Alaska, however, the illustration still gets you thinking, what could still be out there, especially given that western civilization first gazed into the eyes of a gorilla less than 200 years ago.

Even at that time, most saw the gorilla via illustrations such the drawing of French explorer Paul Du Chaillu in close quarters with a gorilla and a local guide.

Saturday, April 06, 2019


Getting ready for my mom to drop by for a visit.

Keep you updated.

The Original Freak,

Monday, February 29, 2016

Meme of the day

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

let me be the first to coin the word " Appetainment ".
This is an honored past time in America going back times of yore.
The short definition of appetainment as defined by the Freak and Wognall's dictionary is:

"To eat food for the primary purpose of enjoyment rather than sustenance."

I thought it important to get this out into the world before the gluttony of the holiday season.

Eat well!